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Sister Tucker

Sister Tucker


The LIGHT of the World, JESUS CHRIST


Utah Ogden Mission
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So. Ogden, UT.


This will not be Sister Untch.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Arrival in Ogden -- Wed. Aug 5, 2015

Sister Untch Arrived in the Utah Ogden Mission
Wed., Aug. 5, 2015

Her 1st Area will be:
the Ogden South Zone--Weber Area

Her 1st Companion will be:  Sister Tucher

President & Sister Jaggi 

Newly Arriving Missionaries

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

MTC Email -- Wed. July 29, 2015

Sister Untch & Sister Avery
Sister Avery is one of Sister Untchs MTC Teachers.  She also is a good friend who served in the same mission to Sister Untchs future Sister-in-law, Cody Haynes.  Small world.
First Email from the MTC (Missionary Training Center)--Provo, UT
      I've been waiting for this opportunity to email you since what seems like FOREVER!!!!!! They realllyyy keep you busy here. But I'm seriously loving every minute of it.
      My companion... if you haven't already gotten my a dime! She is from Mesa, Arizona and is such a blessing to have​, e​specially here in the MTC. It's been hard with all the studying and teaching discussions, but it's been great to learn and grow with her and her powerful testimony.
      The food here is VERY good!!  One of the many blessings I've already noticed I've had since I've been out is the fact that I'm able to eat regularly. Like I've had no eating problems whatsoever!! Some of the Elders even comment on how much I've been eating. Haha Not in a rude way just like wow Sister! But I'm sooo grateful! I'm still sticking to my goal of sacrificing chocolate milk until the end of my mission so that's kind of been a challenge. But it's in the heat of the moment that it really becomes a sacrifice! I've also limited myself to having T​a​basco sauce on only 2 of my meals! Haha sounds ridiculous but I'm going to continue to lessen it so that I don't completely kill myself. If ya didn't's not the most healthy thing to have on all of your food :)  Yes...I'm finally starting to realize.
      M​y district is so awesome! It's just me and my companion, along with 4 other pairs of Elders. We have such a strong bond already. They make me laugh, are so supportive of us Sister missionaries, and have incredible testimonies! It's refreshing to see strong, valiant men that are willing to take time out of their lives to serve their Lord. And with willing hearts too!!!
      Also, my companion and I were called as Sister Training leaders for the incoming missionaries in our Zone! They are coming today so I'm sooooo excited to get to meet them. There are 29 total coming into our zone...6 of which are sisters. So I'm way excited :)
      I had the awesome opportunity of getting to hear my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Stephen Allen speak in the Sunday devotional here at the MTC. Aunt Nancy bore such a sweet testimony about the role we have as representatives of the Savior Jesus Christ and His church. Then Uncle Steve got up. What a goofball! He had the whole place laughing and so engaged. Deep down I was hoping he'd forget that I was at the MTC so he wouldn't embarrass me! But i should know Uncle Steve.. haha He had everyone that was serving in Ogden, Utah stand up. Then a few minutes later, he asked that we all come down to the stand. That's when I started apologizing to my fellow missionaries who were going up with me. They were like, "YOU DIDN'T TELL US YOUR UNCLE SERVED AS THE BIG WIG OVER THE MTC!" I just laughed. I mean, what am I supposed to do... Go bragging to everyone?! haha But we got up there and he had us say our name, where we're from and what was one thing that we sacrificed to come on a mission. After I realized what he was doing and the impact it had on the missionaries that came up with me and all of the missionaries out in the audience, I didn't feel embarrassed or scared at all. My Uncle definitely has a way of speaking and really using the Spirit to touch even the most hardened of hearts.
      I wish I had enough time to tell you everything I've learned and all that I've done here. Even though I've only been here a week, it would take me forever to tell you everything. I honestly don't feel like the person I was when I came into the MTC on Wednesday. My testimony has already been strengthened. My confidence, although not 100% yet, has skyrocketed! My ability to teach the gospel has been increased. The sense of love that I feel for the people that we have been assigned to teach, although some (only some) are members acting as investigators is incredible. I didn't think I could love someone so much. 
     As I think back at how much I love my family, that has increased as well. I've found myself building upon the things that I was taught at home by my parents. It's really given me a head-start here. I've also realized how imperfect I am at a lot of things. The MTC has humbled me so much in showing me how little I really know.  I​t has also given me the drive to learn more. I want to be that example to everyone I come in contact with. I want to have as many answers to as many questions as I can. And not only answers, but the ability to say that I KNOW that these things that I will teach are true. 
      I kind of feel like I was put back in primary. We all think that we know the basics and would easily be able to teach someone. At least that's how I felt at first. But that's not what's important. What's important is using the Spirit to reach to that individuals needs. Helping them come closer to Christ. I've found that as I've forgotten myself and given everything I've had to know what the investigator needs, not what I feel I want to teach.. my mind has been opened to so many more things. I've been able to feel the Spirit and it's promptings. I could spend forever and a day telling you about how it feels, but it's a feeling above any other I've ever felt. 
      Past missionaries can probably attest to what I'm feeling. And I probably haven't expressed it in the way I best could. That's the ​big thing​ I'm working on out here. But I just know that my Savior lives and love each and everyone one of us individually. He knows who we are specifically. He truly understands how we feel in every circumstance. He's lived and was crucified for us, not only for us to remember that day where he was hung on the cross. But to also remember that He did that so one day we can return to Him. WHY? BECAUSE HE LOVES US SOOOO MUCH!!!!! 
      I can't express to you enough how much He loves us. And because I know how much He loves me and you, I want to extend an invitation to all of you. I want you to pray. I don't care if you talked to him this morning, or if you haven't talked to him for years. I invite you to talk to Him. And not like you have before. Talk to Him like he's sitting next to you talking to you on your couch in your living room. Talk to him about what you've been struggling with, what's been going on in your mind. Talk to him about the people you've come into contact with, about your frustrations, your successes. EVERYTHING! He already knows but he wants you to know that He's there. He wants you to come to Him and show Him that you want him to know! And I promise you...that your prayers will be answered. You will feel of His love in all that you do. And you will come to know for yourself that He cares.
      I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I sincerely do. I hope to hear from everyone and how they did with their prayers and everything they feel and are thinking. And everything that's going on your lives. I know this church is true. There's no possible way it isn't.
         Love forever and always,
         Sister Untch

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Departure -- Tues July 21, 2015

Sister Untch Departed from Kansas City, Missouri on Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Her Family is VERY PROUD of her choice to serve a Full-time Mission!!!!   Even though we will miss her GREATLY, we are excited for her as she experiences this next amazing chapter in her life.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Setting Apart -- Mon. July 20, 2015

Sister Untch was Set Apart as an Official Missionary of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints by President Dennis Cato of the Independence Missouri Stake of Zion on Monday, July 20, 2015.